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"Linux is commoditizing the OS layer" "Linux is commoditizing the OS layer. How far can that line go? I don't think we can see it yet. It's a commodity line, and the commodity line is moving up." Stormy Peters, HP Open Source Program Manager [speaking at a Visionary Round Table on Open Source at Cyberposium 2004, Harvard Business School, January 17, 2004] "Storage is ripe for commoditization" "We see storage as an area which is ripe for a new round of commoditization. We now have a lot to invest and we'll be looking." Michael Tiemann, Chief Technology Officer, Red Hat [speaking at Cyberposium 2004, Harvard Business School, January 17, 2004]   "Open source [is moving] out of the geek space and into the user space." "We're seeing the open source operating system taking steps on the desktop. OpenOffice is having a huge impact on the global markets. Open source moves out of the... (more)

Linux Survey Surprise: Stability, Not TCO, Is the Key to Enterprise Adoption

What's the number one value for Linux? If, like Computer Associates SVP and Chief Architect Sam Greenblatt, you believed the answer to that question to be TCO (total cost of ownership), then prepare for a surprise. A survey that Greenblatt just commissioned just reveals that the answer's in fact stability and reliability, not TCO. Cynics will perhaps smell a rat, a switching of the points on the previous train of thought. Because until recently, TCO was always advanced as the "no-brainer" clinching argument in favor of migration to Linux in an enterprise context where taking cost... (more)

'We Now Definitively Own Unix & UnixWare Copyrights,' Says SCO

(July 21, 2003) - According to industry veteran Maureen O’Gara, whose weekly LinuxGram is distributed every Friday by Linux Business Week, the SCO Group is now saying that the US Patent and Trademark Office registered all the Unix and UnixWare copyrights that AT&T's Unix System Labs ever owned in SCO's name last week, “dispelling any lingering doubts,” as O’Gara puts it, “that SCO does in fact own them.” According to O’Gara, now that that SCO has accomplished that, its CEO Darl McBride will start using the copyrights “to bring Linux users to the negotiating table to work out lice... (more)

Lindows, Inc Caught in the Cross-Hairs of Microsoft's Legal Rifle

[herewith a verbatim copy of a fax received last Friday by Lindows, Inc. CEO, Michael Robertson] HellerEhrman Robert A. Rosenfeld rrosenfeld@hewm.com Direct (415) 772-6609 Main (415) 772-6000 Fax (415) 772-6268 September 26, 2003 Via Facsimile Mr. Michael Robertson Chief Executive Officer Lindows Inc. 9333 Genesee Ave. 3rd Floor San Diego, California 92121 Re: Microsoft Cases, J.C.C.P. No. 4106, San Francisco Superior Court Dear Mr. Robertson: This firm represents Microsoft Corporation in a class action pending in San Francisco Superior Court, in which the Court has recently grant... (more)

ESR on Sun, Linux, SCO, Java, and OpenOffice.org

Eric S. Raymond, writing at Newsforge, says "inside Sun, I hear that talent is bailing out of the company because they just don't believe the Solaris-will-prevail story management is peddling." "Most of Sun's techies are running Linux on their PCs at home," ESR continues. "They can see the handwriting on the wall." He adds that in retrospect, the open source community ought perhaps to have foreseen the rocky patch up ahead for Sun the moment it heard what he calls "the recent pronunciamento that Sun has no Linux strategy." This, in Raymond's view, was tantamount to a "final admis... (more)