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[All quotes are courtesy the transcript being hosted currently at groklaw.net.]    The goal of the FSF "The goal of the Free Software Movement is to enable people to understand, to learn from, to improve, to adapt, and to share the technology that increasingly runs every human life. ... This idea lay behind my dear friend and colleague, Richard Stallman's, intense desire, beginning in the early 1980's, to bring about a world in which all the computer software needed by anybody to do anything would be available on terms which permitted free access to the knowledge that that software contained and a free opportunity to make more knowledge and to improve on the existing technology by modification and sharing." "Free software...is the single greatest technical reference library on Planet Earth" "Free software, of which the operating system kernel called Linux is one ve... (more)

Linux-Based Server Packages on Greatmail's Dedicated Server Hosting Offering

Email hosting provider Greatmail (greatmail.us) announced on Friday it now offers dedicated server hosting. The Linux based hosting packages are designed to support Web-enabled business, email, storage, and database applications. Dedicated servers include firewall protection, round-the-clock monitoring, and managed support for hardware and software, and come fully equipped with Apache Web server, mod_perl, Qmail, Clam Antivirus, SpamAssassin and Mysql database. Additionally, the dedicated servers include mirrored disk incremental 7-day backups, while off-site backups are availab... (more)

John C. Dvorak's Microsoft Murder Plot: "How to Kill Linux"

John C Dvorak's PC Magazine article called "How to Kill Linux," introduced the world to what he called "the lopped-off head approach" - the head being that of Linux, and the beheader being Microsoft. Dvorak's notion is that, since the key to competitive success is to gain dominant market share with a proprietary product, all Microsoft needs to neuter Linux is to usher "MS-Linux" into the world, then cut the driver layer out of Windows and attach it to Linux directly. "If Microsoft actually produced an MS-Linux that was the standard Linux attached to the driver layer of Windows, g... (more)

The KDE Group Protests "GNOME-Only" Decision for UserLinux

$Revision: 1.26 $ We, the undersigned KDE and Debian developers, fans and users of both, present this strategic proposal for a closer collaboration between the UserLinux and KDE projects. It is our strong belief that we can provide the UserLinux effort with undeniable value and credibility through its endorsement and execution. This proposal outlines our desktop strategy for UserLinux, including but not limited to: KDE Core Enterprise Enhancements UserLinux Installer and System Tools FreeDesktop.org and GNOME/GTK+ Integration OpenOffice.org and Mozilla Integration UserLinux wil... (more)

Reader Feedback Special on James Turner's 'Is SCO Bad Not Just for Linux, But Also for America?'

LinuxWorld Magazine senior editor James Turner fluttered the dovecotes just a tad this week when he wrote an opinion piece here on LinuxWorld.com in which he detailed six reasons why he was “enraged” by the SCO Group’s latest actions in their campaign to derive revenue from their ownership of the various Unix / UnixWare patents they purchased from Novell when SCO was still called Caldera. Here’s a round-up of some of the most energetic and insightful feedback. . . Turner’s piece ended with a call to action. That resonated well with Don Whitbeck, who writes: “It appears to me tha... (more)