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The SCO Group is about to find out just how prudent it was to claim that "million lines of code" in Linux are there because IBM illegally put them there in breach of SCO's intellectual property rights. The federal court judge in the case has ordered that SCO, as plaintiff in the case, identifies within 30 days "all source code and other material in Linux ... to which plaintiff (SCO) has rights." The magistrate in the case, Brooke C. Wells, said that according to IBM interrogatories 12 and 13, SCO also must describe exactly how SCO believes IBM infringed these rights. The saying about the LAW being an ass may about to be replaced by three other letters: will it be IBM or will it be SCO? We'll know once and for all - just 30 days from Wednesday, December 10. Many pundits are predicting it will be a Happy New Year for Linux. Including IBM's spokesperson, Trink Guarino,... (more)

UserLinux *Will* Support KDE

Here is his e-mail to the list in full: Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com Sat Jan 31 18:00:44 PST 2004 Previous message: [Discuss] xlibs based UI Next message: [Discuss] xlibs based UI Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] >It's easy and democratic, and the reasons to exclude any QT-based >application in UserLinux are absolutely fair: it is NOT FREE SOFTWARE >and doesn't fit the license requirements of the distribution. > No, let's please not propogate this confusion. Qt is free software, and has been for a long time now. It's GPL-ed. It used to be non-free b... (more)

RSS: Should It Be Re-named "Speed Feed"?

"E-mail is crippled," starts the article, "concussed by an irrepressible spam stream." "Web surfing can be equally confounding," Bajak continues, "a wobbly wade through bursts of pop-ups and loudmouthed video ads." This, he believes "may explain the excitement these days over a somewhat crude but nifty software tool that automatically delivers updated information to your computer directly from your favorite Web sites." He is referring to RSS feeds. "Enthusiasts see these Web feeds as sketching the outline of the next Net revolution," Bajak notes. Hundreds of thousands of RSS feed... (more)

SCO Plans to Bill 1,000 US Linux Users by October

Before the end of this month, according to a CNET Report, about 1,000 Linux users in the US will find an invoice from the SCO Group in their mail - threatening court action if the users fail to pay. SCO will concentrate on US corporate Linux users in its first round of billing, but eventually companies in the UK and Europe will be invoiced as well. Blake Stowell, director of public relations at SCO, estimates that roughly 2.5 million servers are running Linux based on the 2.4 kernel, and all of the owners of these servers could face billing from SCO. "Companies that refuse to pay... (more)

'I'm Steve, and I'm a Super-Villain...I don't see why most people don't run Linux'

"It's so easy. It's so simple. I don't see why most people don't run Linux," says Steve, the engagingly animated character in a Flash animation that's doing the rounds of the Web just presently. It's un-missable. Go enjoy! And hey, take your sense of humor with you. . .   ... (more)