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One of the undisputed high points of yesterday's keynote address by Sun supremo Scott McNealy at COMDEX 2003 was the announcement that Sun has finalized a deal with "The China Standard Software Co." - a consortium of government-funded companies - to deploy Linux-based desktops as part of China's deliberate policy to diversify away from Microsoft. As a "preferred technology partner," Sun's Java Desktop System - formerly known as Project Mad Hatter - will find its way to (McNealy's figure) "half a million to a million" desktops in the coming year. "That makes us immediately the no. 1 desktop Linux play on the planet," he said, proudly and not a little defiantly considering that this deal comes largely at the expense of Redmond. Plus it was just a drop in the ocean compared to what lay ahead, McNealy hinted. "China has goal of 500 million 'alternative' desktops," he no... (more)

Linux.SYS-CON.com FEEDBACK: "The Copyleft/GPL Is Unequivocally a License"

Read Daniel Wallace's original Letter to the Editor Read response to Daniel Wallace by Celia Santander Esq. Writing in refutation of Daniel Wallace's January 30 Letter to the Editor, David Mohring notes: 1) The GPL License is a grant of rights, not a contract. 2) Grants of rights do not require consideration. 3) Federal copyright law trumps local state laws. "The flaw logic Daniel Wallace uses has been raised," observes Mohring, "and utterly refuted many times since it was first put forward over a DECADE ago." Mohring then adduces a Usenet thread from 1989-10-16 from which he quotes ... (more)

Linus Torvalds Releases Linux 2.6.13 Kernel

"There it is," wrote Linus Torvalds last night at 17:17 PDT, as he informed the Linux Kernel Mailing List of the release of Linux 2.6.13. "The most painful part is likely to be the fact that we made x86 use the generic PCI bus setup code for assigning unassigned resources," he continued. "That uncovered rather a lot of nasty small details, but should also mean that a lot of laptops in particular should be able to discover PCI devices behind bridges that the BIOS hasn't set up." From: Linus Torvalds [email blocked] To: Linux Kernel Mailing List [email blocked] Subject: Linux 2.6.13 ... (more)

SUSE LINUX Releases Latest All-in-One Linux Communications Tool

On November 17, SUSE LINUX will release Openexchange Server 4.1, bringing to Linux a comprehensive groupware, collaboration, and messaging tool, providing enterprises of all sizes with an all-in-one communication and groupware package at an unmatched price/performance ratio. SUSE LINUX Openexchange Server provides businesses with a modular communication product based on precise customization of the SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server operating system, mail server, and comprehensive groupware functionality, enabling dynamic cooperation and accelerated work flows -- increasing productivit... (more)

Craig Bruce's Top Linux Quotes

Try these, for example, LinuxWorld's top five culled from Bruce's engaging site: Loquacious Linus Torvalds "Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect." Linus Torvalds, September 28, 2003 Prescient Rob Pike "The big computer industry battle of the future will be waged between Linux and Windows NT." Rob Pike, researcher at Lucent Technologies Inc.'s Bell Labs unit, March 18, 1999 Down-to-Earth Daniel Dvorkin "Complaining that [Linux] doesn't work well with Windows is like ... oh, say, evaluating an early automobile and compla... (more)